Urologist Negligence

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The Consultant Urologist is a specialist surgeon who operates on the kidneys, bladder, prostate, ureter, urethra, penis and testes. He/She deals with prostate and bladder cancer as well as cancer of the testicle.

There is some overlap between Consultant Urologists and Consultant Gynaecologists in the management of female urological problems. They are sometimes called Consultant Uro-Gynaecologists. In female patients these doctors deal  with urinary incontinence and urodynamic problems. Some Urologists may specialise in childhood urology and may be known as Consultant Paediatric Urologists.

Urologist Negligence Claims

Examples of areas where there have been claims of clinical negligence:

  • diagnosis and management of bladder cancer; testicular cancer; renal cancer; prostate cancer.
  • failure to diagnose testicular torsion.
  • medical mistakes during operations and procedures such as circumcision, vasectomy, TURP, prostatectomy, nephrectomy, surgery to remove a kidney stone.
  • damage to ureter, bowel perforation, haematoma, infection and other complications arising from surgery.

Negligence Cases Against Urologists (case law)

Finch v Rogers [2004] NSWSC 39

The plaintiff underwent surgery for testicular cancer. It was alleged that the urologist failed to adequately monitor and investigate the plaintiff after surgery, particularly to determine the possibility of metastases. Consequently there was a delay in diagnosis of metastatic disease and the plaintiff therefore needed an extra cycle of chemo. The additional chemo cycle resulted in the plaintiff developing tinnitus and peripheral neuropathy.

Urology Injury Compensation

If you are concerned about the medical treatment you have received, then we can arrange for a medical negligence lawyer to review your case. If you have suffered from negligence which causes injury or illness, you  may be eligible to file a legal claim to seek compensation for your losses and suffering. Time limits apply, so contact our service as soon as possible.





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