Neurosurgery Negligence

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Neurosurgical assessments and treatment are performed by Consultant Neurosurgeons. They are specialist surgeons who operate on the brain and spine.

Some Consultant Neurosurgeons specialise in spinal surgery and are known as Consultant Spinal Surgeons (note that some Orthopaedic Surgeons may also specialise in spinal surgery and also call themselves Spinal Surgeons).

Consultant Neurosurgeons deal with brain and spinal trauma, brain tumours, brain and spinal abcesses, brain haemorrhages, sub-arachnoid haemorrhages, head and neck injuries, as well as spinal nerve problems such as prolapsed inter-vertebral discs and nerve entrapment. They also deal with other nerve problems such as acoustic neuromas and traumatic nerve injuries.

Areas in which there have been claims involving negligence include:

  • The management of head injuries
  • The diagnosis and management of brain and spinal tumours
  • The operative management of prolapsed inter-vertebral discs

Not every death or injury which occurs in conjunction with medical care is the result of medical negligence. Most neurosurgeons are competent and committed professionals.

However, if you are concerned about the medical treatment you have received, then we can arrange for a medical negligence lawyer to review your case.

If you have suffered from medical malpractice which causes injury or illness, you  may be eligible to file a legal claim to seek compensation for your losses and suffering. To find out more, contact our legal team.

Neurosurgeon Negligence Case Law

M, H v Children, Youth & Women's Health Services [2016] SADC 35

The plaintiff was referred for cranial and spinal ultrasound which disclosed a large infected dermoid cyst lying to the left of the spinal cord at the fifth cervical vertebra. A neurosurgeon failed to remove the cyst in surgery. Negligence was admitted.





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