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Many people lack access to legal justice because they don't have the financial resources to pay for it.

Most of the solicitors whom we refer to work on the basis of No Win No Pay/Fee arrangements. It is important that you check with your solicitor that they are willing to act for you on this basis, and that they explain to you what No Win No Pay/Fee means.

Basically, under the "No Win No Pay" (also known as "No Win No Fee") arrangement, you may still be required to contribute to the upfront cost of the initial investigative reports and your medical records. These costs are known as "disbursements." However you generally do not have to pay your solicitor any upfront "professional legal costs" (that is, the hourly rate that a solicitor charges for work done). If you lose your claim, you don't have to pay your solicitor's professional legal costs, but you may be liable to pay the defendant's legal costs.

If your matter successfully settles out-of-court or as a result of a court trial, then the defendant (usually their insurance company) will usually have to pay for your solicitor's professional legal costs.

The laws regulating legal costs are complex. Each case is different, and our solicitors will be up-front with you about your rights and obligations.

Solicitors are required by law to disclose the terms and conditions of a "No Win No Pay" (also known as "No Win No Fee") arrangement with you.

Solicitors are also required to provide you with a written Costs Agreement.

You should ask your solicitor any questions you have relating to legal costs and your liability, prior to signing a cost agreement with them. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

Finally you should be aware that if you lose your case, then you may be liable to pay for the defendant's legal costs. Clearly, our solicitors are only interested in acting in claims that have merit and have reasonable prospects of succeeding because if they lose your case they won't get paid their professional legal costs.




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