Alternative Medicine Negligence Claims

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Naturopaths, herbalists, chinese medicine practitioners are generally considered to be complementary, alternative or natural therapists. If you have suffered from negligence as a result of incompetence or misconduct by such a practitioner, you may be able to take legal action for personal injury compensation. For further information regarding alternative medicine negligence claims, contact our free helpline.

Complementary Medicine Complaints

Government authorities such as the HCCC have over the last few years been given greater power to discipline alternative medicine practitioners. Such practitioners cannot make false claims such as being able to cure cancer or other terminal conditions. They also mustn't dissuade their cleints from seeking medical advice or treatment from a registered medical doctor.

One area of concern over the past years has been persons with minimal training in psychology setting-up practice as hypnotherapists and counsellors. Mental health issues can be quite complex and improper training in the handling of psychological problems can result in a patient's mental health deteriorating.

Common complaints against alternative medicine practitioners include:

  • falsifying qualifications
  • poor treatment
  • misleading advertising
  • sexual misconduct
  • inadequate infection control procedures
  • failing to refer to refer a client to a medical practitioner

CAM use in Australia

Australia has one of the highest rates of complementary medicine use in the world. Many believe that "natural medicines" such as herbs, vitamins and minerals are quite safe and are unaware of the potential for interactions with prescription medication. Some herbs can be toxic. Some forms of physical therapies carry risks for example physical manipulations of the spine in massage by a person with very little training.





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