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Asbestos Related Pleural Disease (APRD)

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Asbestos Related Pleural Disease (APRD), also known as Pleural thickening is extensive thickening of the outside surface of the lung to the extent that it compromises the ability of the lung to expand limiting respiratory capacity. It can be extremely debilitating and progressive, sometimes requiring oxygen.

It can manifest itself in the form of shortness of breath and fluid retention. ARPD is usually a benign condition and compensable.

What causes Pleural Disease?

In most cases it is caused by exposure to asbestos. Invariably the exposure may have occurred many years earlier, making it difficult to recollect precisely in what employment or circumstance the exposure occurred.

Pleural Disease Compensation

Statutory and common law entitlement arising from a diagnosis of ARPD, change depending on which State the exposure occurred. It is advisable to see a lawyer as soon as you are diagnosed with asbestos related pleural disease to discuss your potential entitlements to any claim. You should be aware that you need to commence your claim within your lifetime to protect your rights to full compensation.

To ensure that your rights are protected and you are given proper advice, you should contact a lawyer will discuss your potential exposure.  An expert asbestos lawyer will then advise whether to sue, who to sue, where to sue and whether to claim full and final damages or provisional.

Legal Advice

To ensure that your rights are protected we recommend you contact an asbestos lawyer who will take a life and employment history of all of your potential exposures to asbestos in your lifetime. Very often if you worked with asbestos your previous employer may have gone out of business. This may not preclude you from starting a claim for your compensable injury.

Depending on your own personal history your lawyer will issue your claim against you former employer or the manufacturer of the asbestos products you used or of the occupier or body responsible for ensuring your safety in the workplace.

In most Australian states, there are strict time limits for when you can bring a claim in relation to personal injuries. These vary from state to state, but in general, your time for bringing a claim starts to run from the date you are diagnosed. It is a good idea to see a lawyer as soon as possible after diagnosis, who will provide further advice about when and how to commence a claim.





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