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Asbestos Cancer

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If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos cancer then we can help you obtain the compensation that you deserve. Our solicitors are experienced personal injury lawyers who specialise in asbestos compensation claims. Contact us today for a free legal advice.

Lung Cancer caused by Asbestos

There are various forms of lung cancer including non-small cell and small cell, squamous cell and adenocarcinoma. Each of these affects the airways and other structures within the lung.

Asbestos is a recognised carcinogen which is known to increase the risk of lung cancer. There is some scientific controversy regarding the extent of asbestos dust exposure required before a lung cancer can be regarded as being caused by asbestos. The dominant view is known as the Helsinki Criteria which was reached by an international body of experts. The Helsinki Criteria regards lung cancer as asbestos-related where the person has a total exposure of 25 fibre/ml/years exposure. This is a combination of the severity and duration of the exposure. This level of exposure is equivalent to 1 year of heavy exposure (demolition works, or work in an asbestos factory) or 5-10 years of moderate exposure (carpentry or plumbing work using asbestos products).

Tobacco smoking is also a recognised carcinogen which increases the risk of lung cancer. Interestingly when a person is both a smoker and has a history of significant asbestos dust exposure the risk of lung cancer is multiplied. This is called the synergistic effect.

Compensation for Lung Cancer

Compensation is available for lung cancer if the person's asbestos dust exposure is sufficient to be regarded as a cause of the lung cancer. It is not necessary that the asbestos dust exposure be the sole cause or even the main cause. Given the synergistic relationship between tobacco smoke and asbestos dust a person can frequently succeed in a compensation claim even if they have a history of smoking.

Unfortunately many doctors will not inquire into a person's occupational history when they are diagnosed with lung cancer but will merely ask if they were a smoker. Therefore if a person has been diagnosed with lung cancer they should bring asbestos exposure, or any other work exposures, to the attention of their treating doctor so that they may give consideration to whether the asbestos exposure has played a role in the cause of the lung cancer.




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