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Asbestos Compensation Claims

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You may be entitled to make an asbestos compensation claim if you are successful in proving negligence and have suffered damage by way of a disability relating to an asbestos condition. Call our helpline to find out how our No Win No Fee lawyers can help you.

A claim may be made against your former employer(s), the occupiers of the sites where you worked and/or the manufacturers and suppliers of the asbestos products that you handled or came in contact with in the past.

You may be able to sue many years after the exposure to the asbestos.

Limitation Periods for Asbestos Claims

Indestructible inhaled asbestos particles remain latent in the lung and it is often the case that asbestos related respiratory diseases do not manifest until decades later.

Where a condition or disease has a "latency period" you may be able to apply to the court for an extension of the limitation period if it has expired.

One can still make an asbestos claim in respect of exposure to asbestos decades earlier, provided proceedings are started within three years of the "date of knowledge". This date will be the occasion when the individual was first informed by their doctor(s) that they were suffering from an asbestos related condition. First seek medical advice. Second, seek legal advice.

If it can be proved on the balance of probabilities (the civil standard of proof) that unlawful exposure to asbestos fibres occurred at the work place and has caused the asbestos related illness complained of then the courts will award compensation (damages) against the employer.

Compensation Awards

General damages and special damages are 2 types of compensation that can be awarded. General damages compensate for pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused by the asbestos related illness. Special damages may include but are not limited to the following:-

  • medical expenses;
  • loss of earnings;
  • care, aids and equipment;
  • dependency claim (if you have lost a family member, spouse through asbestosis);
  • funeral and testamentary costs.

It is critically important that you seek legal advice from a personal injury solicitor experienced in Asbestos Litigation.

Asbestos Claims Solicitors

Our solicitors are experts in handling personal injury asbestos compensation claims. They are highly regarded in their field of specialty, and extremely client focused. The can provide free legal advice and representation on a No Win No Fee basis.

If you would like to find out whether you are entitled compensation, please complete the contact form to find out more about your rights, at no obligation and no cost to you.





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