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Solicitor Negligence Compensation Claims

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Have you suffered loss as a result of a lawyer's negligence or incompetence? We can assist you in obtaining legal advice. Just complete the Contact Form on this page or call our Helpline.

Complaints Against Lawyers

Our solicitors are specialists at handling professional negligence claims against other legal professionals (solicitors, lawyers, barristers, legal clerks, paralegals).

If you are concerned about the service you have received from a legal professional, you should speak with the lawyer handling your matter. You have the right to complain about poor service, and the lawyer handling your matter may be able to rectify the situation at no cost to you.

If however your lawyer has caused you financial loss, damage, or engaged in misconduct, you should seek legal advice regarding your rights. In some circumstances you may be eligible for financial compensation for professional negligence or breach of contract.

Depending on the circumstances of the case, legal practitioners can be held liable for:

  • Wrong Advice
  • Bad Legal Advice
  • Negligent conduct of litigation
  • Excessive delays in the handling of your matter
  • Negligently allowing the time limit (statue of limitations) to run out in your case
  • Lying, dishonesty and fraud
  • Misusing a client's trust account money
  • Overcharging
  • Breach in confidentiality

Call us to find out whether you can claim compensation for solicitor negligence. Our service is confidential and free to use. You may be eligible for No Win No Fee representation. Do not delay in seeking legal advice, as time limits apply to compensation clams for professional negligence.

Lawyers Liability

The nature of the relationship between a lawyer and their client is primarily a contractual one. It is an implied term of that contract that the lawyer will exercise reasonable skill and care. A lawyer may also be liable under tort law for a breach in duty of care owed to a client independently of any liability in contract law. A lawyer also has a fiduciary relationship with the client.

Duty of Care

A lawyer owes their client a duty to exercise skill and care. The standard of care is that of the ordinary skilled and reasonably careful practitioner. This duty of care is owed to the client of the lawyer, but in some circumstances the duty of care extends to third parties.

Breach in Duty of Care

When considering whether a lawyer has breached their duty of care, it is necessary to review both the circumstances of the particular case, and what is considered good practice by members of the legal profession.


The amount of compensatory damages awarded for legal negligence, depends on the circumstances of the particular case. For example, if the client has suffered loss as a result of negligent advice, compensation is assessed on the value of the chance or opportunity of which the plaintiff was deprived.

If a lawyer has negligently allowed a matter to become statute-barred, then the client's assessment of damages depends upon the client's chances to have wholly or partly succeeded in the action.

Solicitor Misconduct

Lawyers must abide by professional conduct rules. These rules have been written so as to protect the public and to maintain the standing of the profession. Failure to abide by these rules may constitute grounds for disciplinary proceedings.

A breach in professional standards may occur in respect of some act or omission by a lawyer; conduct which shows that the lawyer is not a fit and proper person to practice as a lawyer; and as a result of criminal conduct.

Professional Negligence Lawyers

If you suspect that your lawyer may have been negligent or has engaged in misconduct, and their actions have cost you financially, or caused some other loss or damage, you should seek legal advice from a professional negligence  lawyer who is experienced at handling lawyer negligence claims.

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